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We are noted for our Premier Top Quality Selections and our store carries incredible variety of the very best designed hand made Artisan and Oriental Jewelry Collections. Why pay a fortune  to own or actually experience the pleasure of wearing your favorite Natural Color Gemstones? Ruby or Star Ruby; Sapphire or Star Sapphire; Emerald; Diamond; Tourmaline; Garnet; Opal; Iolite; Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine; Spinel; Topaz; Zircon; Quartz, Apatite; Kunzite; Aquamarine; Flourite; Tanzanite; Turqouise; Pearl; Chrome Diopside...etc. All in Top Class Details Handcrafted and Gemstones meticulously handset in much more affordable yet very high quality Nickel/Lead-free, guaranteed Solid and Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver...some are Gold/Rhodium plated to enhance quality, lasting beauty and value of our jewelries. We're always searching the world over for the rarest, most spectacular Natural Earth-Mined Gemstones that can truly inspire Master Silversmiths, Gemstone Cutters, and hopefully our Clients! With special techniques handed and gradually improved through generations, there is no substitute using only the highest grade, tarnish resistant, Nickel/Lead-free 92.5% pure Sterling Silver mix and the meticulously hand cut Natural Gemstones. To earn your trust and satisfaction...we can only offer top quality, incredible value products and our genuine service. Your trust and happiness is very important to us...and therefore we guarantee that shopping with us at our showroom or Online store is 100% safe and secure, or your money back! We would truly love to see our customers be able to Relax, Enjoy, Smile...and Dream a Little...while shopping with us! We can only accept online payments through your safe PayPal account. We also accept Telephone Orders.

NK034.jpg723-019a.jpgEB014.jpgNK068.1.jpgNK095.JPGBR007.jpg723-007.jpegWe have hundreds of incredible and awesome selections of rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, brooches, bracelets and bangles to mix and match. Each purchase will include the actual photograph of your selection containing all details such as Karat Weight, Dimensions, Color, Clarity, Hardness (MOH) Scale and the Country of Origin of the Gemstones. For the ultimate alternative to owning high end jewelry without the 'outrageously inflated prices', please check our selections of technologically advanced lab grown Gemstones set in same Top quality Solid 925 Srerling Silver. Unbelievable 4Cs (Carat weight, Color, Cut and Clarity) to go with  top quality workmanship and astonishing designs that's nothing short of stunning! You deserve to treat yourself like a  'STAR' once in a while! Whatever the occasion... and however you express yourself through jewelries... maybe we  have what you've been looking for! DON'T MISS OUR ALL-TIME SALES PROMO OF 25% OFF ON REGULAR ITEMS AND UP TO 40%  ON SELECT ITEMS. SEND US AN EMAIL AND MAKE A DEAL FOR YOUR BEST OFFER ABOUT YOUR SELECTIONS. Please click...NEWS...for full details!

For more information, please give us a call at Telephone No. 1-705-458-8258 or Cell Phone  No. 1-705-896-5657 or send us your email enquiry at eflorcas@yahoo.ca.

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ARA041.1.jpgBA052.jpg723-201.jpeg EE13010562A.jpgBA001C.jpg723-010.jpegNecklace_Chain1.jpeg